Johnson County Fees


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Courthouse Annex – Upper Floor
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

General Information:

“The county recorder function is to maintain permanent public records involving a wide variety of instruments. These documents detail transactions involved in: real estate, mining, personal property, mortgages, liens, leases, subdivision plats, military discharges, personal bonds, etc. {IC 36-2-11-8}. Generally, all of these instruments are recorded either for giving legal public notice of their existence or for safekeeping and future reference.

“The recorder maintains and preserves all legal documents affecting title to real property. These records constitute the legal basis on which ownership is determined. The degree with which the recorder fulfills his responsibilities ultimately forms the legal foundation for the institution of private property. The recorder is also a member of the county commission on public records, which has the authority over the preservation or disposition of all public records maintained by the county. {IC 5-15-6}.”

Source: Handbook For Indiana Elected County Officials by the Association of Indiana Counties, Inc.
The Office of the Recorder was the first Constitutional Office in County government in Indiana.

Your County Recorder:

- Records any instrument submitted for recording, provided it meets essential requirements. (See below.)

- Records Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Releases, Powers of Attorney, Real Estate Contracts, Annexations, Trustee Elections, Affidavits, Final Decrees, Surveys, Federal Tax Liens, Mechanics Liens, Military Discharges, Articles of Incorporation, Cemetery Deeds, Bonds, Plats, Condominiums, Firms Doing Business Under Assumed Names, Delinquent Sewer Liens, and Miscellaneous Instruments.

- Files Uniform Commercial Code instruments.

- Supplies copies of any instrument and certifies to those recorded upon request. (Fee charged.)

Essential Recording Requirements:

- Acknowledgements: To entitle any conveyance, mortgage or instrument of writing to be recorded.

- Legibility of Names: Typed or printed under each signature exactly as signed.

- Name of Person Preparing Instrument: Each document affecting real estate.

- Notarized Documents: Requires county residence of notary and commission expiration.

- Transfer of Deeds of Taxation: Endorsement by Auditor before recording.

- Release of Satisfaction of Liens: May be executed by President, Vice-President, Cashier, Secretary, Treasurer, General Manager, or Attorney-in-Fact only.


Johnson County Recorder’s Fee Schedule Effective 1/1/2005:

Recording Fees:

(1) Deeds , not exceeding 9″ x 15″ $16.00
Each Additional Page not exceeding 9″ x 15″ $2.00

(2) Mortgages, not exceeding 9″ x 15″ $ 14.00
Each Additional Page not exceeding 9″ x 15″ $2.00

(3) Affidavits / Other Documents
not exceeding 9″ x 15″ $11.00
Each Additional Page not exceeding 9″ x 15″ $2.00

(4) Each Release / Partial Release / Assignment
not exceeding 9″ x 15″; (includes one reference) $12.00
Each Additional Page not exceeding 9″ x 15″ $2.00

(5) Any Document exceeding 9″ x 15″ $20.00
Each Additional Page exceeding 9″ x 15″ $5.00

(6) Mechanics Lien with one first class mailing $13.00
Each Additional Page not exceeding 9″ x 15″ $2.00

(7) Certified Mailing $4.42


Additional Services:


(8) Each Cross Reference of a Recorded Document $1.00

(9) Furnishing photographic copies, per page $1.00
Copies larger than 9″ x 15″, per page $2.00

(10) Certifying or acknowledging a document $5.00

(11) Each non-conforming page $1.00


Auditor’s Fees:


(12) Endorsement Fee (Deeds, Affidavits) $5.00

(13) Sales Disclosure Fee (Non-Exempt) $5.00


Uniform Commercial Code Liens:

All documents must have an affirmation statement.

Please include a self-address stamped envelope for return mail.


Standard Fees:

Financing Statement, 2 pages or less $9.00
Financing Statement, 3 pages or more $13.00
Amendment, 2 pages or less $9.00
Amendment, 3 pages or more $13.00
Search, one name $10.00
Search, each additional name $5.00
Please note: Beginning 10-9-01, all financing statements involving personal property are to be filed at the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office. Failure to file in the proper office may affect the perfection of the filing.
ALL instruments must meet recording form and legibility statutes.